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About Camellia

Since its establishment in 2019, Camille Education is committed to promoting parent-child interactive learning kits (Quiet Books) in the early childhood education industry in Hong Kong.

Every child is like the unicorn in Camille's education logo. The body of the unicorn is mainly white, and white symbolizes pure thought. The appearance of a unicorn has the meaning of birth, growth, rebirth and gestation.

Founding Philosophy

In today's society, every parent hopes that their children can get the best quality education, and they will also arrange the best learning products for their children. Even if these learning products are expensive, parents are willing to spend and buy them, hoping to let their children get the best education. And we will also strike a balance between these factors. Even with a very cheap price, you can buy high-quality teaching products. We hope that parents can effectively communicate and share with children through learning products and cherish them. time spent together.

We have searched and researched the existing teaching aids on the market, and many excellent teaching aids focus on teaching knowledge. And we hope to use the experience and knowledge of local preschool teachers to maximize the effectiveness of teaching aids. We mainly hope that the product can become a bridge of communication between children and parents. It can not only teach children, but also enable parents and children to grow together.

Some parents have reported to us: some teaching aids have been used several times and the children feel bored, and they seem to be wasted after use.

Therefore, our feature will often share the different ways of playing each teaching aid in the form of filming, so that parents can know how to communicate with children through our teaching aids.

Parent-child interactive learning set
(quiet book)

Parent-child interactive learning set (quiet book), also known asQuiet Book/ Active Book . The quiet book mainly allows children to concentrate on playing and quiet down. There are many kinds of quiet books, and there are two kinds of materials: non-woven fabric and plastic film. Both are complicated to make, and parents need to cut them by themselves and place Velcro one by one. It is not a problem for mothers with ingenuity, but for working mothers, each book needs to spend a lot of time and energy.

Benefits of Parent-child Interactive Learning Set (Quiet Book):

  • Exercise children's fine motor skills
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Enlightenment Cognition
  • Waterproof And Durable
  • Thickened Material
  • Rounded Corners
  • Repeat Paste
  • parent-Child Communication

Our Team

Our team was founded by local early childhood education graduates. 

Possess four professional qualifications including: 

  • Education Bureau Certificate in Early Childhood Education [C(ECE)] 
  • Child Care Worker (CCW) of Social Welfare Department 
  • Special Child Care Worker (SCCW) 
  • Child Care Center Supervisor (CCS) Qualification
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